OAC Power Distribution Board is the perfect solution to connect cockpit devices to the power supply in an ordered manner. Instead of connecting your electronic boards directly to the PSU, this board distributes the power supply into multiple screw terminals for both 5V and dimmed 12V power lines. In order to understand the role of this board in the cockpit, it is essential to read about power supply in Open Airbus Cockpit.

How does it work?

Power Distribution Board is comprised of a couple of MOLEX (or IDE) input connectors aimed to plug the PSU to the board. These connectors supply 12V, 5V and GND lines directly to the board. Each connector has backup screw terminals to connect PSU lines if Molex connector is not available.

In the opposite end of the board there are two 2-pin screw terminals to drive the 12V-GND line to the dimmer and back its D12V-DGND back to the board. Just connect the DIMIN pair to the dimmer input, and the DIMOUT pair to the dimmer output. Doing so the board can distribute dimmed current for panel backlighting.

The rest of screw terminals can be used to connect your devices to 5V-GND and D12V-DGND. There are 16 connectors of each kind.

The board has four 3.2mm holes for M3 screws to hold it to some surface.

How can I obtain one?

The PCB design is available at the OAC electronics repository. Design files are in Design Spark PCB format. You can export it to Gerber file format and submit to your favorite PCB manufacturer to make as many copies as you want. Remember, OAC is open source! Including its hardware!

Once manufactured, you will need the following materials to assemble each board.

  • 2x PCB IDE connectors
  • 38x 2-pin, 5mm pitch, screw terminals

And, of course, a solder with some tin.

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