As you might though, almost everything in your cockpit is hardware. Controllers, sticks, jokes, levers, panels, indicators, displays, keyboards, throttles, etc. From the computer where the simulator runs to any device that interfaces between the pilot and the aircraft, hardware is on every corner.

Unfortunately, most of this hardware is not off-the-shelf. Of course, the PC where the sim runs is, as any other PC, generic. But everything else is quite specific hardware that cannot be adquired in the corner shop. There are some peripherals in the market that may help, as joysticks or rudder pedals. But even in such cases you’ll have to adapt them so they are similar in their aspect and interface to the controllers of the real cockpit. That’s the easy part. The rest of devices like panels, displays, etc, are far to be generic and largely produced hardware that take advange of economies of scale. Although you may find some vendors that can make plug&play replicas of the hardware, that’s probably something you cannot afford. If you are in that case, there is only one alternative: do it yourself.