Your Arduino boards have to do many repeated tasks. In order to avoid your code to be completely illegible, it is a good idea to wrap all this common steps into libraries that can be reused in all your sketches. Manage digital inputs, outputs, keypads, LED drivers, etc. Many people whose programming skills are not the best use to lose their hope right here. If you are one of them, do not given up! Open Airbus Cockpit already provides these libraries so you only have to deal with the most basic logic of your panel interaction.


You can download the Open Airbus Cockpit Arduino Libraries from the links below.

  • Open Airbus Cockpit Arduino Libraries version 0.1. This is the first and most recent version of the libraries.

Please follow the installation instructions provided by the install program. Let me remind you that these libraries are open source licensed under the terms of Mozilla Public License 2.0. Among other things, that means you can use them for free.