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One of the weakest points of OAC project is the communication. The time you dedicate to your blog, Twitter, etc, is time you don’t dedicate to code or design hardware. Nevertheless, communication is part of the project as well. One of the lessons I recently learned is the importance of communicate the results of your work. Without that, such results are, in some sense, unsuccessful.

We are custom to hear people out there who dedicates most of their time to communication. You only have to attend any professional conference or submit to realize. Professional speakers, we might say. The first feeling I have when I hear one of those rock stars is “well, if he’s continuously twitting, posting and speaking, where is his time to do real things?”. I’m sure that’s a good question. Perhaps their work vs communication proportion is around 20-80%. 20% of his time working, 80% of his time communicating. And it works very well for them. They are popular, they are everywhere, they are known by all the community. But, are they really doing real things?

Well. My target is clearly far away from 20-80%. In my case, I fear it’s about 95-5%. And that’s a problem as well. Such a proportion is as unsuccessful as the 20-80% is. A lot of work nobody is aware of might be equivalent to no work at all. Actually 95-5% could be even worse than 20-80%. You are not even a rock star.

What would be a good proportion? Perhaps the other way around. 80-20% sounds very good to me. 80% of the time working. 20% of the time communicating. That’s my new target from now on.

So I finally decided to revisit all the communication infrastructure. Welcome to the new website of Open Airbus Cockpit project. This website replaces the former blog in Blogspot and it will host not only news but specs, designs, software downloads, howtos, etc. I promise I will post news every week to follow up the progress of the project. Right now there are several sections that are incomplete. More contents will come in the following weeks.

I hope you’ll find this new communication format more helpful.

Happy flying!

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