Arduino, Command Gateway & Prepar3D 2.4

You may find this video interesting. It’s a demonstration of Arduino, Command Gateway and Prepar3D working together.

In the breadboards we have two ICM7218 chips. Each one is controlling one array of 7-segment displays. Each chip is controlled in turn by one Arduino board. The sketches are running a very simple program that uses oacsp.h library in order to communicate with Command Gateway. The program just registers a listener for the N1 of engine 1, in case of Arduino Uno on the top, and N1 of engine 2 in case of Arduino Mega on the right.

The purpose of this experiment is to test the behavior and performance of Command Gateway under multiple connections.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Happy flying!

4 thoughts on “Arduino, Command Gateway & Prepar3D 2.4

  1. Hi Alvaro, great video! it would be great if you can share the sketch in order to understand how to program the arduino to get the data.
    Thank you and keep going!

  2. Hello Polo,

    Can we read variables( air speed in knots, vertical Speed, altitude…) on LCD Displays? I am building a Project to read those values. if so How can we do that?. Also If we give external air Speed with power/volt Generator to arduino to prepar3d and to LCD display , how can we do that? Is single arduino handle this? or we Need any Hardware components to do that

    Can you help to sort out These Problems? I am tired of searching on line. But I have hopes now because of your excellent work here.

    Thanks and this poor guy is waiting for your reply.

    Ansar Chilakala
    karlsruhe, Germany

    1. You can read any variable that is exported as an FSUIPC offset or an LVAR. Printing it in a LCD display is what your software should do from the Arduino board. That’s not part of Command Gateway, which just let’s to observe and modify variables from your Arduino programs. The rest is up to you.

      Let me recommend you to follow some tutorials on Arduino & electronic basics to learn how to use LCD displays. There are thousand of them accessible from Google.

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